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Director Descriptions

Ziwei Ye:

Corporate Relations Director (4)

  • Develop and maintain active relationships with current sponsors by email and phone
    • Spearhead communication with corporate professionals regarding Executive Branch events
    • Design and send monthly corporate sponsor newsletter
  • Maintain corporate sponsorship database by reviewing current contacts and updating information
    • Attend 1 company-sponsored information session or meeting every month
  • Plan and execute ABSA’s Startup Simulation
    • Contact companies for sponsorship and cater to their needs/preferences
    • Contact and collaborate with diverse student organizations
    • Organize event logistics while working under a secured budget
  • Handle the logistics and execution of ABSA’s Case Competition
    • Contact companies for sponsorship
    • Secure a budget
    • Schedule and plan events with both students and sponsors
    • Collaborate with another MASO and serve on the Case Competition committee
  • Collaborate with the Consulting Team for upcoming projects
    • Assist in hosting 1 mock case competition with Consulting Team members
    • Attend Consulting Team meetings and actively participate
  • Coordinate the logistics and execution of ABSA’s Spring Networking Reception
    • Contact local Austin startups
  • Begin developing the 2018-2019 sponsorship package
    • Brainstorm and execute innovative and creative methods of how to get sponsors involved with ABSA

Danny Li:

Professional Director (2)

  • Assist Professional Vice President in logistical preparations for General Meetings by:
    • Corresponding with scheduled company recruiters
    • Contracting catering services for efficient delivery and setup of food
    • Facilitating personal/professional development lessons taught by speakers
  • Schedule prospective speakers for informational panels—internship, study abroad, etc.
  • Schedule and implement professional development workshops—company chat sessions, resume reviews, case interviews, etc.
  • Implement logistics of Mock-Interview Marathons—contacting interviewers, reserving rooms, setting up, scheduling
  • Co-lead/plan a major Fall or Spring CFT and/or volunteer in Scoring Careers
  • Promote professional events through Facebook and General Meeting announcements using digital marketing strategies
  • Oversee mentorship program logistics and strategize new methods for retention

Careers Director (3)

  • Plan and coordinate special networking projects and large-scale events such as Scoring Careers career fair and in-state company field trips
  • Arrange and execute an out-of-city company field trip per semester and an out-of-state trip in the spring semester by contacting prospective companies, preparing itineraries, and overseeing hotel and travel accommodations
  • Coordinate with corporate contacts to plan and arrange local and out-of-town company visits
  • Market and promote professional events through Facebook and General Meeting announcements using digital marketing strategies

Raymond Li:

Athletics Director (2)

  • Register for intramural sports and schedule regular practices and games
  • Be responsible for sending out weekly e-mails and practice location updates to members
  • Supervise team play and provide coaching support during all practices and matches
  • Be authoritative but also a team-player
  • Must preserve the primary goals of member participation and retention while promoting a winning spirit
  • Expected to attend all practices and games for IM football, volleyball, basketball, etc.
  • Coordinate rides to IM games that are played at the Intramural fields
  • Assist every aspect of internal branch – family and special events

Family Director (2)

  • Continue to develop ABSA’s Family Program
  • Maintain frequent contact with Big Sibs to ensure quality and fulfillment of necessary requirements
  • Encourage families to coordinate family mixers and new socials
  • Responsible for e-mailing and receiving feedback of Big Sibs at least once a month
  • Responsible for keeping track of family points earned by families throughout the year
  • Responsible for leading Family GMs
  • Plan and execute traditional ABSA family competitions and socials (Including but not limited to Thanksgiving Potluck, Amazing Race, Family Field Day, etc.)
  • Responsible for mid-semester evaluations with all big sibs (Big Sib Briefings)
  • Responsible for turning reimbursement forms to financial directors
  • Maintain good relations with old members
  • Coordinating rides for different family events (ex. TX/OU weekend)
  • Assist every aspect of internal branch – special events and athletic

Special Events Director (2)

  • Plan and execute ABSA social events, keeping in mind the budget
  • Brainstorm and coordinate new social events for ABSA members throughout the year
  • Constantly promote social events through word-of-mouth, emails, Facebook, and phone
  • Be responsible for signing members up and publicizing each event to members at every meeting
  • Coordinate rides to events
  • Promote goodwill, member recognition, and appreciation
  • Organize awards, certificates, and EOS gifts
  • Arrive early to greet members and hand out name tags
  • Plan and execute one fundraising event per semester
  • Collaborate with all internal directors in logistics and designs of ABSA End-of-Semester banquet
  • Negotiate with outside representatives for group rates, discounts, and comparing prices
  • Assist every aspect of internal branch – family and athletic

Kelly Xia:

External Director (3)

  • Coordinate large-scale community service and philanthropic events including, but not limited to, Dodge for a Cause: Charity Dodge Ball Tournament, Thrift Shop: Charity Garage Sale, and Pie-an-Officer
  • Lead
    • Establish and develop relationships with peer organizations on campus by coordinating cooperative initiatives
    • Delegate tasks to the Logistics and Outreach Chair
  • Logistics Chair
    • Contact local food vendors for sponsorship and food donations
    • Plan ahead and secure room reservations and event catering
  • Outreach Chair
    • Contact and collaborate with diverse student organizations with the lead
    • Coordinate with Publicity Directors on Publicity
    • Develop and execute a Publicity schedule and initiative
  • Develop themes and activities for organization fair booths
  • Attend and assist in all external branch’s activities, including volunteering events

Volunteering Director (2)

  • Research and procure 5-6 different volunteering events each semester to service both the University and the Austin community
  • Contact company representatives and organize volunteering events with local startups
  • Maintain a spreadsheet detailing past, present, and future volunteering activities and participation hours
  • Coordinate with other student organizations to organize joint volunteering mixers
  • Assist directly in planning one large-scale philanthropic event with the External Directors
  • Attend all volunteering events and assist in all external branch activities

Public Relations Director (1)

  • Handles all the Asian Business Students Association social media pages and works to create and promote interesting and engaging content on these pages
  • Manage the information that is released to the public and the brand image of ABSA and its programs
  • Initiate at least one social media campaign to support a social cause within the society
  • Communicate with all 7 branches for event recaps and publicity
  • Maintain a social media calendar to promote ABSA’s External presence
  • Attend and assist in all external branch’s activities

Jenny Yin:

Publicity Director (4)

  • Create all ABSA event publicity using Adobe Illustrator or Canva
    • Effectively delegate assignments amongst fellow publicity directors
    • Become comfortable with self-learning abilities and developing new techniques
  • Communicate with Executive Panel members to ensure publicity requirements are met
    • Ask for deadlines ahead of time and ensure timely completion of publicity
  • Manage the production and publications of 2 editions of the Informer (ABSA’s official yearbook) per semester
    • Collaborate with Media Directors to ensure adequate visual representation of events in every issue
    • Create and manage article submissions and shout-outs system by reaching out to all ABSA members through Facebook
  • Rotate to sign members in at every General Meeting
  • Assist in all Administrative Branch activities, as necessary

Media Director (3)

  • Document organizational events and activities with photographs and videos
  • Produce a scrapbook and a video montage to be presented at the End of Semester banquets (December and May)
  • Produce a senior recognition video to be presented at the End of the Semester banquets
  • Produce senior DVD gifts to graduating seniors to be given at the End of the Semester banquets
  • At least one Media Director is expected at every event unless otherwise indicated
  • Rotate to sign members in at every General Meeting
  • Assist in all Administrative Branch activities, as necessary

Webmaster (1)

  • Update content on three ABSA-owned websites on a regular basis
  • Review and resolve issues with inefficient code or bugs on all three ABSA domains
  • Facilitate and manage creation of new content or widgets on the websites
  • Manage director zone/event recaps system
  • Create weekly event sign ups forms to be used at the end of every General Meeting
  • Enhance display of website by removing outdated web pages
  • Potentially start the development of a new official ABSA website using Squarespace
  • Rotate to sign members in at every General Meeting
  • Assist in all Administrative Branch activities, as necessary

Administrative Director (1)

  • Act as branch liaison by communicating with and assisting the rest of Administrative branch
  • Sign members in at every General Meeting
  • Manage and organize the ABSA membership database
  • Send weekly MailChimp newsletters to update members on upcoming events
    • Contact Executive Panel on a weekly basis to obtain newsletter events
    • Organize Member of the Week (MOTW), Director of the Month (DOTM), and Team Member of the Month (TMOTM) awards
  • Maintain alumni communication between alumni and members
    • Coordinate monthly Alumni Spotlight features
    • Oversee ABSA’s Alumni Mentorship Program
    • Plan and execute Fall Alumni Tailgate and Spring Alumni Weekend (with the help of the rest of the branch)
  • Help coordinate ABSA scrapbooking session at the end of the year
  • Assist in all Administrative Branch activities, as necessary

JoDei Pasasadaba:

Academic Director (2)

  • Organize workshops and events over a wide range of academic and personal development topics
  • Contact faculty members and external persons to serve as guest speakers
  • Ensure opportunities meet the academic needs of members
  • Survey and communicate with member demographic
  • Personalize opportunities for members by year and major
  • Coordinate logistics and execution of Faculty and Staff Appreciation Week
  • Highlight faculty for Faculty Member of the Month
  • Perform various tasks to execute the Launch Leadership Conference:
    • Maintain a large budget
    • Contact and coordinate speakers to attend
    • Create a cohesive theme for the event
    • Plan event activities

Feed Your Mind Project Manager (2)

  • Organize the largest-student run food giveaway to provide free food and drinks for over 600+ students during finals week
  • Contact and maintain relationships with over 500 vendors
  • Lead two semester-long committees of 10-11 people
  • Oversee a large budget
  • Coordinate logistics and publicity

George Zhang:

Financial Director (2)

  • Assist Financial VP in ensuring the budget is financially sound
  • Act as an oversight on other branches to ensure budgets are followed sensibly
  • Work with other branches to help facilitate their events economically
  • Establish various fundraising opportunities
  • Serve as a liaison to appropriation committees such as UPO, Co-Op, Senate, Student Government, etc.
  • Help manage and record the ABSA accounts


The general director application is now available! Hard copies are due on Thursday, September 20 at GM #3 to your respective VP, and soft copies are due by the same date at 11:59 PM. Make sure to read the important information on the application; we look forward to your submission!

If you have any questions or concerns regarding director requirements and applications, please email the respective VP of the position you wish to apply for.