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Marketing Team

As part of ABSA, Marketing Team aims to further the professional development of its members through weekly market updates, challenging marketing based activities, and a mock case competition. Members learn the fundamentals of marketing principles and apply their knowledge through start-up consultation. Additionally, marketing team members gain exposure to real world industry trends and global strategy. We also hope to prepare them for prospective careers in marketing through public speaking, interview practise, and case studies. Weekly marketing team meetings are open to all ABSA members hoping to learn about this exciting field.

Current Projects

The Next One’s On Me, Inc.
Noom is an app where prospect can purchase treats to friends, colleagues, and children where they can decide where to redeem the item. Our goal is to execute a marketing plan targeting parents and college students in the Austin area.

AFI Marketing, Inc.
With more than 20 years of experience, AFI Marketing, Inc. excels in professional service and quality product with cutting edge technology. Work mainly with business to business clients or owner of filter presses in providing a full range of plates, frames, chamber plates, caulk and gasket plates used in many everyday products. The Marketing Team has proposed the change of customer’s call-in-orders to ordering online. Since AFI is in a niche industry, they have suggested creating a support page to assist customers in ordering the correct product.

Wristband Nation LLC
Founded in 2010, Wristband Nation is an online wholesale supplier and retailer of custom silicone wristbands. Our objective is to increase traffic to the company website by understanding our target market and implementing methods such as incentives, promotional events and social media contests.

Why Did You Join the Marketing Team

At first it was mainly just to become more involved in ABSA without being a director, but I’ve come to enjoy what we’ve done. It’s been a good opportunity to improve some basic critical thinking/analytical skills, and the lessons we’ve learned are easily transferable to other roles.
– Alex

To gain more experience in the marketing field.
– Jessika

I joined the Marketing Team because the whole concept of business marketing interests me. I want to be able to learn more and have some experience ahead of time so I know what it’s all about.
– Kevin

I know marketing was my passion and I wanted a more personalized and hands-on approach of the marketing field.
– Lisa

I joined Marketing Team because I wanted to learn how to marketing my products (in the future). I am interested in the process of marketing: who, what, when, where, why and how to market. I was hoping to work with a company and get my feet wet on how to assit them from a marketing aspect.
– Phoi

Learning more about marketing. Fun. People. Experiences
– Stephanie

Aside from what you learn in a marketing course, joining the Marketing Team game me an opportunity to learn and express ideas with peers of similar interest as well as gaining hands on experience with small businesses.
– Tenzin

It’s a great learning experience in the actual field. I get to learn to interact with people and have a very solid background of marketing skills.
– Zifeng

What is Marketing?

According to the American Marketing Association: Marketing is the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large.

Career Options in Marketing

Brand Management
Public Relations
Market Research and Analysis
Product Marketing and Management
Customer Insights
Consumer Behavior