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Reasons to Join:

Gain knowledge of basic finance concepts outside of the classroom before taking finance classes
Hone research and analytical skills by reading financial news and then commenting on, discussing, and debating market updates
Learn how to analyze stocks to participate in stock pitch competitions and manage a mock portfolio

At McCombs, students see the pure academic side to finance; a lot of the practical knowledge isn’t taught in classrooms but rather on the job. If you want to observe and learn about the more esoteric aspects of finance, join the ABSA Finance Team.

Meetings are every Tuesday at 8 PM in GSB 4.326. If you want to subscribe to our daily mailing list recapping the day’s events in financial markets, check out the Finance Team section at www.texasabsa.org.

What is Finance?:

Finance is the study of the management of money. How companies raise money, how companies use money, and how companies measure the performance of their money falls under the responsibilities of people who work in finance.

Career Options:

Corporate Finance
Commercial/Corporate Banking
Investment Banking
Equity Research
Risk Management
Hedge Fund
Private Equity/Venture Capital
Real Estate
Financial Planning