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ABSA Team Members

Teams are great to hone skills more applicable to a certain major. All members, new or old, are encouraged to apply! These teams are here to help ABSA members learn and develop as business professionals.

The following are the Team members of 2017-2018:

The Asian Business Students Association Consulting Team is a leading student-run consulting organization on campus. Our aim is to aid local Austin businesses in tackling their hardest problems. To date, we have served over fifteen companies, ranging across ten different industries, and encompassing issues that range from bolstering tourism in a rural Chinese village to advising leading global companies in multimillion-dollar ventures.

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Chris Liu

Macy Huang

Neelay Bhaskar

Anirudh Vadrevu

Billy Li

Alex Wang

Matthew Wu

Alice Hui

Helen Yang

Tiasha Joardar

Rituja Joshi

Jason Pandy









Doyoung Jung

Derek Ji

Pranav Jayaraman
































Established in 2012, the Asian Business Students Association Finance Team strives to develop their member base through active involvement and individualized mentorship, help members improve their financial skills and prepare them for recruiting in a variety of industries. Members of Finance Team participate in stock pitches, send out biweekly market watches, host semesterly bootcamps and attend weekly meetings.

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Yusheng Luo

Adhvaith Ram

Akaash Parimeru

Andy Yang

Brian Liao

Bryan Goh

Chris Lee

Daniel Chen

Ethan Ha

Jackie Ye

James Wu

Jessie Chan

Joanna Lu

Matthew Liu

Matthew Wu

Olivia Ling

Robert Tedjajuwana

Shawn George






























Stephenson Gokingco

Tom Yan


























As part of ABSA, Marketing Team aims to further the professional development of its members through weekly market updates, challenging marketing based activities, and a mock case competition. Members learn the fundamentals of marketing principles and apply their knowledge through start-up consultation. Additionally, marketing team members gain exposure to real world industry trends and global strategy.

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Amy Xin

Andy Nguyen

Cameron Wang

Leo Fan

Lissa Zhang

Jason Jung

Aaron Zou

Tiana Xu

Stanford Lee

William Wang

Kerwin Zhang